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Ride bib shorts Men’s

Ride bib shorts

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Our ‘understated’ ride bib has been constructed for optimum comfort. We have used our ‘no seams’ TICCC performance chamois pad as the starting point for our development. This pad has been specifically designed to deliver 8+ hours of riding comfort. Our brief was to produce a premium grade bib short with a little less compression and an emphasis on riding, not racing. 

We developed a construction which reduces the amount of seams, especially from the areas prone to irritation. The raw cut, low profile leg hems have a new ‘super grip’ gripper applied directly onto the fabric. The main bib short is made from a luxurious, soft to the touch, yet durable fabric. It is a lightweight, high wicking fabric you won’t know you have on. The upper bib section is made from high stretch, breathable mesh fabrics. The slim mesh straps are heat bonded to provide a low profile, comfortable and yet very secure fit. As this bib is designed for early starts and late finishes all TICCC details are reflective. This is an all day comfort bib short without any compromise in performance.


Men’s TICCC performance chamois pad
_Italian performance fabrics
_High impact, perforated foam helps absorb vibration and control moisture
_Carbon yarn dissipates heat and protects the skin against bacteria
_Men’s specific ‘no seams’ TICCC performance chamois pad
_Seamless construction ensures supreme comfort and prevents chafing
_Pre shaped curvature provides an accurate, more comfortable fit
_Designed for 8+ hours/ intense riding

Bib shorts
_Italian performance fabrics
_Upper bib: high stretch mesh fabric for support and superb ventilation
_Main short: soft to the touch, lightweight, high stretch, high wicking fabric
_Designed for riding, not racing
_Panel construction designed specifically to support the function and position of the TICCC performance chamois pad
_Excellent all day comfort
_Seams reduced and removed from irritation prone areas
_Raw cut, low profile leg hems
_‘Super grip’ gripper applied directly to the fabric
_Heat bonded shoulder straps provide a secure and comfortable fit
_Heat bonded valuables pocket
_Reflective TICCC details
_Made in Europe


Waist / 74 cm
Inside leg length / 26 cm
Waist / 75.5 — 79.5 cm
Inside leg length / 27 cm
Waist / 80 — 85.5 cm
Inside leg length / 28 cm
Waist / 86 — 92 cm
Inside leg length / 29 cm
Waist / 92.5 — 98.5 cm
Inside leg length / 30 cm

Waist: Circumference of waist measured from the navel
Inside leg length: Measurement taken from crotch to end of the leg gripper


The largest carbon footprint of a garment’s lifecycle is generated through laundering. Our fabrics are selected for their quick dry/ odour resistant qualities. This means you don’t always need to wash your kit after every use. When possible substitute washing for air drying.

When the time comes to launder your garment, wash at low temperatures, do not exceed 30˚C. Use a plastic free mild detergent. To maintain maximum performance do not use fabric softeners or bleach. When washed air or line dry, ideally away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry, wring out or iron. To further protect your TICCC kit and our planet we recommend you use the Guppyfriend washing bag.

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