Our philosophy

Passion leads to strong views, beliefs and ultimately the formation of a philosophy.

Our brand philosophy

Win your own race

Performance is not just about winning a race — it’s about winning your race. Traditionally performance orientated cycling has been all about racing others to the finish line. However in today’s world it plays another important role — a tool to nurture self empowerment. Going beyond builds self esteem and confidence. It helps people cope with personal challenges and the demands of modern living. Performance is more than the a win — it contributes to happiness, positivity and to a life well lived.

Our role is to develop responsibly made kit that performs as hard as you. From the selection of the right fabrics to regulate your bodies changing state, to the attention of fit and construction ensuring optimum comfort. Our kit should feel invisible so you can focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

Our product philosophy

Make less, make better, make versatile

If you don’t need it, we don’t make it. We don’t believe in designing and making multiple products when one will do. When kit is well considered and well made it will work for a multitude of riding scenarios — perfectly. Our products are designed to be multifunctional. They are designed to work together as a ‘system’, allowing you to layer core pieces as and when required. Our focus is on developing essential performance riding wear that allows you to do more with less. 

Performance products have to work. Intense physical activity will always ‘find out’ products which are not designed or constructed in the right way using the right materials. We use only the finest performance materials in the construction of our products. Where at all possible we always use recycled materials in our mission to be less reliant on virgin materials. However this is dependent on the recycled alternative offering the same or improved durability and performance. 

If your kit works whatever the road (asphalt, gravel or mud) you will use it more and you will need less — fact! That’s good for you, us and the planet.