Our philosophy

Passion leads to strong beliefs, views and ultimately the formation of a guiding philosophy.

Our brand philosophy

Protect and empower

Protect the irreplaceable!

Maximum impact on rider performance, minimum impact on the world we love to ride. For us, our bikes and the experience of riding them connects us closely with nature. We are acutely aware and ‘tuned in’ to its beauty and the importance of protecting the irreplaceable. If we ride it, we have a duty to respect and protect it. In very much the same way that surfers connect with seas and oceans, we feel a deep connection to the land.

Empowerment to the people!

In today’s world performance on the bike is not just about winning a race — it’s about winning your own race. Bikes are amazing tools. They offer solutions for life’s challenges. They are coping mechanisms and motivators for change. ‘Going beyond’ on the bike builds confidence and self-esteem. Bikes empower people and contribute to happiness, positivity and to a life well lived.

Our product philosophy

Make less, make the best, make it versatile!

Anyone who makes anything, to a greater or lesser extent is part of the world’s impact problem. But makers can also be part of the impact solution. Our product philosophy guides us in how we make our products low-impact solutions.   

Make less

The commercial world is obsessed with growth. Make more to offer more, to sell more — come what may. This is not our way. We don’t make multiple products when one well-considered product will do the job perfectly. We focus on making ‘necessary’ products to avoid unnecessary waste. We carefully monitor our production in order to balance supply, demand and excess. We want to grow, but we want to do it responsibly! 

Make the best

Shortcuts cut short a product’s life expectancy. The best-made products last the longest. We use superior quality materials and European craftsmanship. Where technology and durability allow we always favour low-impact, recycled materials — making the best better! Longevity doesn’t just come from how it is made but also from how it is designed. A great fit and a distinctive, yet timeless graphic language help our products ‘be loved for longer’. 

Make it versatile

We make versatile performance products. Our ‘make it versatile’ philosophy centres around the needs and demands of how you move, not the terrain you move over — Race, Ride, Roam. We want to get you riding more, using less. That’s good for you, us and our planet.