Our philosophy

Passion leads to strong views, beliefs and ultimately the formation of a philosophy. Here’s an insight into what makes us TIC(CC)!

Our philosophy

Win your own race

We believe that performance is not just about winning a race — it’s about winning your race. Traditionally performance related cycling has been all about the finish line. However in today’s world it plays another important role — a tool to nurture self empowerment. Going beyond builds self esteem. It helps people cope with personal challenges and deal with the demands of modern living. For us performance is more than a win — it contributes to happiness, fulfilment, and to a life well lived.

Our role is to make performance cycling clothing that performs as hard as you. From the selection of the right fabrics to regulate your bodies changing state, to the attention of fit and construction ensuring optimum comfort. Our kit should feel invisible so you can focus on the challenge ahead.

Our philosophy

Make less, make better

Performance products have to work. Intense physical activity will always ‘find out’ products which are not designed or constructed in the right way using the right materials. As an independent brand we determine what we make and how we make it. We use only the finest fabric and components in the construction of our products. We use the best because we know they perform. A well made product is a long lasting product. That’s good for you, us and the environment.

We don’t believe in designing and making multiple products when one will do. Our approach to the design and development is based on make less, make better. Our aim is to develop products which cover the maximum amount of riding scenarios. Our products are designed to work together, allowing the layering of core pieces when required. You won’t see our products radically change, instead you will see them evolve. All the radical changes happen during our development phase, well before they get to you.