Be the change

A collaborative project to encourage change!

Let's lead this race together

Empowering people to make better, less impactful choices

We are all aware of how cycling can make a positive difference to us and to the environment. As riders and makers of performance cycling clothing, it’s our duty to do all we can to protect the irreplaceable. As a small, dynamic brand we have been able to act quickly. All of our recent collection has been made, where possible with fabrics using recycled fibres.

Our ‘Be the change’ campaign was a collaborative project between Hugh Miller and Andrew Monk (TICCC). It is our way of providing important information to our customers so they are empowered to make better, less impactful choices.

The campaign also encourages people to share via their social channels the changes they have made or intend to make to reduce their environmental impact — on and off the bike. We wanted to help inspire, motivate and activate change by providing a community platform for ideas and solutions.

View some of the ideas from our community here

Together we can make ‘the difference‘

Sharing ideas is one of the most powerful ways we can help people reduce their environmental impact

Many brands focus on communicating what they are doing to reduce impact, yet few communicate information to encourage and educate their audience. This campaign addresses the need for a 360 ̊, holistic approach. In our industry it is estimated that between 40—80% of the carbon emissions generated during a garments life-cycle is created during the ‘use’ phase. Without providing the necessary information to our customers we are not fulfilling our environmental commitment.

Let’s help people make positive changes and better choices on and off the bike.

Daphne/ Andrew


Our ‘Be the change’ neck warmer uses a performance fabric which is made using recycled fibres. The pattern on the neck warmer is created from the campaign logotype. The colours are inspired by our collection.

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