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3/4 Thermal leg warmers




Designed to keep you warm on cold, wet rides. These warmers are made from an Italian Thermoroubaix fabric treated with DWR.The fleeced-backed fabric is developed to block out cold winds and the DWR treatment repels water.

The fabric provides excellent stretch, compression and warmth. Specific shaping for both left and right legs means an exact and comfortable fit. To help you stand out in low light conditions the leg warmers have reflective TICCC dots and details.


_Italian wind blocking Thermoroubaix fabric
_Water resistant DWR treatment


_Specific left and right leg pattern for improved comfort and fit


_Reflective TICCC dots and details
_Made in Europe


Thigh / 42 — 46 cm
Length / 46.5 cm
Thigh / 47 — 51 cm
Length / 48.5 cm
Thigh / 52 — 55 cm
Length / 50.5 cm
Thigh / 56 cm – xxx
Length / 52.5 cm
Thigh / 56 cm +
Length / 52.5 cm

Thigh: Circumference of widest part of thigh
Length: Measurement taken from end to end of the leg warmer


The largest carbon footprint of a garment’s lifecycle is generated through laundering. Our fabrics are selected for their quick dry/ odour resistant qualities. This means you don’t always need to wash your kit after every use. When possible substitute washing for air drying.

When the time comes to launder your garment, wash at low temperatures, do not exceed 30˚C. Use a plastic free mild detergent. To maintain maximum performance do not use fabric softeners or bleach. When washed air or line dry, ideally away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry, wring out or iron. To further protect your TICCC kit and our planet we recommend you use the Guppyfriend washing bag.

To maintain the performance of your rain wear we suggest regular treatment with a fluorine free, vegetable based DWR.

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Reviews (5.0/5.0)

  1. 5.0/5.0

    The 3/4 leg warmers are such a versatile piece of kit that will take you through a typical UK autumn, spring and all but the harshest winter days when used in combination with the thermal shorts and the merino socks. Having them shaped for each leg is a great touch as it allows the fit to be that much more accurate and I haven’t ever experienced them slipping during even hard efforts on the bike. I love the addition of the reflective dots which really do work and make it much easier for drivers to see you.
    Ken, UK

  2. 5.0/5.0

    Ideal for those spring and autumn commutes when it is still cold in the mornings and warm in the evening. You can put them into the back pack or into the back pocket if it is warm enough.
    Thor, Germany

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