About us

Performance cycling clothing — stand out from the bunch! The TICCC brand was created for road athletes looking to achieve extraordinary things. Our products are developed for those who train hard and strive to stand out. Quality, performance and style are key considerations for every product we make. Our products are defined by the finest technical fabrics, hours of development and testing time, and a unique ‘peloton style’ aesthetic.

Make responsibly — protect the irreplaceable! Anyone who rides a bike knows of the deep connection between riding and nature. After all what is a bike without natures challenge and its beautiful view? As riders we see it as our duty to do all we can to reduce the harm, protect the irreplaceable and make a positive difference. We are as passionate about ‘how we make’ as we are ‘what we make’.

Gender neutral — the same but different! Performance is genderless! Our gender inclusive design philosophy is focussed on designing and making performance kit for riders. Where necessary we design specific male and female variations to ensure each product meets the needs and anatomical differences of both male and female athletes. We believe the best way to break down barriers of inequality is to treat everyone the same.

Indie brand — we do because we can! As a truly independent brand we have total autonomy. No share holders means we decide. We determine what’s our priority and how to achieve our goals. Our primary focus is on design and development. Our primary objective is to make the best performance kit we can in the most responsible way. You won’t find us on the high street and we don’t sell our kit through other online shops. This allows us to connect directly with you, and gives you the opportunity to tell us how our products perform.